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Built in antenna module DP-680 (DE-ABCM280)

Reader / Writer module


▷ Contactless payment ( Open and closed loop payment)
▷ NFC Application ( mobile wallet – Samsung Pay, Apple Pay)
▷ Unattended machine ( ATM, CDM, Kiosks)
▷ Transportation


▷ Multi-protocol supportive
: ISO 14443, Mifare series, DESFire, FeliCa, ISO15693

▷ NFC (ISO18092) full function support

▷ Multi-purpose design (Unattended type/ Desktop standing)

▷ Contactless EMV L1, Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay Certified

▷ Compatible with Rupay (India), Apple Pay, Adroid Pay, Samsung Pay


▷DUAL antenna support ( e-TALL High way)
▷Water proof housing design  (IP65 )
▷Low energy consumption (5V Power /USB)



 CPU  ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4
 Program/ Data Memory  1MBytes  Flash  / 192KBytes SRAM
 Host Interface  USB 2.0 ,  Serial (RS-232) /TTL UART(115200bps)
 Contactless Communication  ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare™, ISO 18092(NFC), DESFire, FeliCa®, ISO 15693
 Contact Communication  ISO-7816 SAM x 4EA  (up to 6EA)
 Frequency  13.56 MHz
 Contactless  Speed  106/212/424/848kbps  (Up to 424kbps for NFC, FeliCa)
 Reading Distance  Maximum 5cm
 Host Protocol  PC/SC, Proprietary
 Input Power  DC5V / 200mA (RF ON with USB POWER)
 Dimension  Body : 108 x 78 x 19 (mm),  Deco : 135 x 105 x 20 (mm)
 Display  4 LEDs , Connector for external LEDs
 Operating Temperature  -20 ~ 60 ℃
 CE, FCC, Contactless EMV L1 Certified
 EMV L2 – Visa, Union Pay, Mastercared certified
 Rupay contactless certified


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