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Desktop reader DE-620 VHBR

DE-620 V/ DE-620A is VHBR(Very High Bit Rates) reader which is able to communicate VHBR communication, at speeds up to 6.8 Mbit/s (maximum bit rate specified according to ISO/IEC 14443 today is 848 kbit/s).



 CPU  Cortex
 Program/ Data Memory  256K Bytes  Flash  / 48K Bytes SRAM
 Data Interface  USB 2.0 High speed
 Contactless Communication  ISO-14443 A&B (VHBR), my-d, Mifare, ISO15693
 Contactless Speed  106/212/424/848kbps, 1.7/3.4/6.8Mbps
 Reading Distance  Max. 5cm
 Contact Card Interface  ID 1 type x 1ea ( ISO7816, T=0, T=1 )
 Display  2 Status LED
 Buzzer  Magnetic Buzzer
 Input Power  DC5V, 300mA (USB Power)
 Dimension  68 x 120 x 30 mm
 Housing Material  ABS
 Operating Temperature  -10 ~ 60℃ / Contrary humidity: 20% ~ 90%


▷ Card Issuing System
▷ e-Passport System
▷ e-Health/ Social card System

▷Increase Communication speed
Increase the bit rates
Increase the frame sizes

▷Reduction of transaction time

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