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e-KTP reader

DE-911 reader is a smart combination of contactless smart card reader + FIPS201/PIV Compliant fingerprint scanner. Its practical design and convenience comes from our top priority, UX (User experience) by analysing Product usage environment We offer the most reliable smartcard reading performance



CPU ARM 32bit Cortex A7 RISC Processor (DualCore)
Operating frequency 1GHz (Normal 384MHz, up to 2GHz)
Program /  Data Memory / Secure Memory 4GBytes  Nand Flash   / 1 Gbytes DDR3

16Bytes + 8KBytes secure Memory

Data Interface USB Full Speed (12Mbps)
O/S Android 4.2.2 (Jelly bean)
Display 4.3 ” TFT LCD


ISO-14443 A/B , NFC
Radio Frequency 13.56 Mhz ± 7Khz

Communication (SAM)

2 SAM slots (SIM type) (ISO7816, T=0, T=1)
Fingerprint Optic sensor (0.6/0.8” FAP20 complaint) supports  ISO19794-2
Fingerprint resolution 500dpi
Indicator 4 LEDs
Function keys 4 x Capacitive Function keys
Input Power 5V (AC Power) / Power switch
Host interface USB 2.0
Temper 3 x temper switches for security
Battery OPTION  :  5000mA Li-Polymer battery (6-8hour operation)
Dimension 140 * 170* 89mm
Case ABS
Operating Temperature /Humidity -10 ~ 70 C

30~90% (Operating / Storage)

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