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Electronic Money

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Smart Card & RFID Solution

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e-Ticketing System

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Physical Access Control & Time Attendance

Electronic Money

Electronic money or e-money, is cash in electronic form and can be held on cards or a server.

Electronic money widely used for fast, secure, and convenient way of payment.

STI provide end-to-end solution for open loop or close loop e-money platform. Complete e-money life cycle can be tailored based on customer requirement.

Smart Card & RFID Solution

Smart Card and RFID is basically the number one solution in most fields. This solution were used by varieties sectors, such as Financial Institutions, Government Sector, Transportation, Education, Tourism, Logistics, Health, Food & Beverages, and many more. It gives businesses an extra additional value for their customer and their self.

e-Ticketing System ​

The presence of Smart Tags technology greatly facilitates the ticketing process. Now visitors in an amusement park or concert, were no longer have to worry about losing their tickets.

With the e-Ticketing System, all transactions are recorded in the system and the physical form of the ticket can be adjusted base on event type or condition.

Physical Access Control & Time Attendance

Physical Access Control and Time Attendance System are very important for almost all industry. These systems can control access to buildings, sensitive facilities and help verify the attendance records of employees, students, and guests.

Our system has been proven for many years in hospitals, campuses and buildings. We  are confident that we will  provide you with the best Physical Access Control and  Time Attendance System that suitable to your needs

Vending Machine /
Self Service Kiosk

Vending Machine/Self Service Kiosk is a solution that allows consumers to make transactions independently. The solutions we offer can be tailored to the needs of business owners for various types of transactions ranging from ordering restaurant food, selling tickets, opening bank accounts, and so on. Payments can be made using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, QR, or Electronic Money.

Fare Collection

An Automatic Fare Collection ( AFC ) system is a collection of components that automate the ticketing system of public transportation networks, it is an automated version of manual fare collection. An AFC system is usually the basis for an integrated ticket. Here in STI, we provide the best AFC system in Indonesia.

Library Management

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) -based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of books throughout the library, including easier charge and discharge and faster inventory handling.

Our Library Management System will not only save you from inventory errors, it will also save a lot of time in the overall operational process.

Stories From Our Customers

Supported by a great team of experts, we are very confident with our capability to serve our clients and partners with the best service in this field.

Hadi Kusumo

PT Intikom Berlian

Hundreds and even more devices we provide with STI support. Overall, STI is very deep in the details of the products they sell.Very helpful, happy to have a business partner like STI.

Adrian Siaril

PT Sinergi Solusi Integrasi

STI has been our strategic partner for years, and it is thanks to their solutions that we have been able to deliver reliable service to our clients till today.

Hermanto Chandra

PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara

The products are excellent in terms of their flexibility to be integrated and
customized with our system and solution

Helmi Aliefiyatna

PT Multipolar Technology Tbk

Softorb Technology Indonesia sangat membantu dalam penyediaan hardware untuk mesin ATM seperti contactless reader dan ektp reader.

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STI membantu kami dalam hal teknologi yang berkaitan dengan keamanan koleksi perpustakaan.
Mereka sigap dan kompeten dalam mengatasi segala permasalahan yang mencakup automasi. Terimakasih atas supportnya selama ini.

Royke Robbin Pangalila

PT Visionet Data Internasional

Trusted Bank Equipment Solutions, The service is very satisfying, Thank you for the support so far. Intikom